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The ‘C’ word!

The ‘C’ word!

Stop ducking and diving, it’s upon us once more and there’s no hiding from it!

Oh! For a second you thought I was going to say C U Next Tuesday? No, it’s worse than that, what I’m talking about costs far more than a few disapproving looks, it’s Christmas!

Whether you’re a scrooge and hate all that is tinsel, wrapping paper and ungrateful children, or you’re well into adulthood but lose all sense of responsibility and decorum at this time of year in full blown Christmas mode, this time of year costs!

I’m all up for experiencing that magical glow that gleams from your child’s face when they open up that toy they’ve banged on about for the last 6 months! But, whether it’s because I’m a cliche Yorkshireman or Dad, how bloody expensive is this time of year?!

We’ve got 3 money magicians. (They can make money disappear, POOF just like that) The boy, 4 is pretty easy to be fair, a few Marvel figures and other bits and bobs and he’s happy as Larry. The girls 11 and 12 are where it gets tricky. A Pink tracksuit that’s £100+ and isn’t even pink?! Nike trainers that are ridiculously priced, they’re shoes FFS! Then whatever the latest craze is that will last until about the 29th December and change!

Every year we say, ‘Right next year let’s get sorted early and plan it better’ then we don’t. I see posts from people like ‘All the Christmas shopping is done yay!’ – 2nd September…… Yay for you, twats! That’s only a joke by the way, I’m only jealous!

If I buy the kids something and it’s anything before December, they generally have it immediately. I just can’t do it, buy something in September then hide it somewhere to save for Christmas. Mind you, it doesn’t stop me saying ‘It’ll be Christmas soon so don’t be asking for anything in this shop’ and it’s August! Hey, I’m the parent don’t question my methods/lies.

So, as every year we have now reached that time called November. Or as you may call it, 2 paydays left. Now it’s real, you’re doing sums in your head, ‘We get this money then, so can buy that thingy, then…. ‘, then you get headache and leave it for another 3 or 4 days.

Christmas is a magical time of year and I do really enjoy it. Seeing the kids happy and even strangers say words to you, like actually speak in your direction it’s crazy, but Jesus (See what I did there) it’s expensive!

Where are you on the Christmas organisation spectrum? Let me know in the comments, see you online @dadvworld



  1. 8th November 2016 / 2:23 pm

    Awww shucks hears me thinking you’d actually swore on your blog! But I am so proud of you getting “twats” in there instead! 🙂

    Anyway, CHRISTMAS!! I’m kinda in the middle on this one. We’ve sorted all the kids stuff – thank you 20% off weekend in Smyths! But as for everyone else in our lives, usually end of this month or first week next month.

    • DadvWorld
      9th November 2016 / 7:28 pm

      That is still really organised in my book! However… Turns out tomorrow we may well buy some xmas pressies making this the earliest time we have done EVER! But then again, we haven’t got to tomorrow yet so could easily go out the window!

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