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Yeah, I’m the Dad Blogger but I’m not the only one behind dadvworld.com.

Meet The Fam!

@MumvWorld – Donetta


Hi I’m Mum. Wife. Oh and head chef! Now this whole Blogging and Vlogging thing is David’s forte, but after watching and reading all of the memories he’s recorded via dadvworld.com of our family journey so far, I wanted to get involved. So I’m here to provide the Mum version of events and hopefully try some free make-up… Send us make-up!

Oh, a little about me… Erm, I love watching Netflix, I’m a Support Worker, Home Educator and really want to visit the Shetland Islands. Now I’m involved in this Blog & Vlog thing someone will offer us a free holiday there right?

The Boy – Corben


I’m the star of the show. I know I’m currently only 4 but believe me, I’m the boss.

I’m home educated and really enjoy being allowed to grow, learn and develop exactly how I want. I get to go to lots of places and experience many different things. I’m excited about being able to share my journey with you. When I’m not out and about I really like watching YouTube, playing on the iPad and my favourite thing to do is definitely playing with my figures!

Batman is at the moment and has been for a while, my favourite. I have loads of Batman toys, I’d be happy to show you all of them and will during my videos over on the YouTube channel.

Feel free to send me stuff, toys, clothes, whatever, I’ll play and strut about in whatever and show off your brand 😉

(OK I admit, I didn’t write this, Dad did… But I was consulted and signed off on it)

The Teenager – Kiera


Kiera is far too cool to be writing an intro to a stupid website. So I (David) will take this opportunity to do it for her 🙂

Kiera is another YouTube addict, also likes Netflix and couldn’t live without her phone (That she drops DAILY!) Very ‘on trend’ when it comes to the latest fashion, she’s typically girly, false nails and all that and loves a selfie. I’ve no idea if she agrees with any of this, I guess we’ll find out once it’s live on the website!

The YouTuber – Abi 


Hi my name is Abi and I feel like I am the loud, cheeky and outgoing one of the family. I am obsessed with YouTube and I even have a channel of my own Abi D Vlogs. I have recently decided to become home educated, I believe this is the best option for me. I LOVE messing around with makeup, finding new looks for myself and ThatcherJoe is my favourite YouTuber of all time you should totally check him out.

My ambition in life is to become an actress and I’d love to be in a soap. I would also think of myself as the No.1 Ariel fan. As you can probably tell I am also the member of the family that can’t stop talking and blabbering on so I am going to go and give your voice a bit of a rest.

The Pug – Peppa


Yeah I know, I can’t write. But I do take a great picture and get tonnes more likes on Instagram than the rest of the family put together… So I’ve earned my place on the family website 🙂

So I’m a Black Pug, I was born on 6th January 2016, so as we write this I’m still only 1! I like to cause chaos, chew things, do my business wherever I like despite the hours those daft humans have put in to training me and erm, yeah I’ll eat anything… ANYTHING!

I’m all for modelling too, send me some of those cool dog outfits and stuff, please, I owe Corben a few new toys and Dad a new slipper 🙂

Check out my Instagram – I_Am_PeppaPug


There you have it, the whole clan is involved!