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The Highwayman | REVIEW

The Highwayman | REVIEW

I’m not going to need feeding for about 3 days after this! 

Because I’m an awesome husband I decided to take Donetta for a slap up meal, starter, main and even dessert, the lot! OK, Stonehouse Pizza and Carvery – Highwayman Pub actually took Donetta and myself out if we’re being picky!

We haven’t been out without the kids for ages! You parents will know that once you have kids it’s basically a waiting game until they grow up and can fend for themselves, then (I’m hoping) your own life resumes. The Highwayman Pub has had a make-over, in terms of both, physically and the menu. I’m a local lad and have seen this pub change a few times over the last couple of decades but as it stands right now, ‘modern’ was the first think that sprung to mind when we parked up.

Fresh, clean and modern. I love that style and it’s very much on trend at the moment. dadvworld.com

We walked in and the transformation the place has had is incredible. Very fashionable, the decor was quirky and modern, the service area was open planned with the carvery all well presented. Little touches like the pretend coal fires and painted rolling pins on the walls amongst other quirky features added to the experience.

Bethany showed us to our table and took us through the menu highlighting the newer options available. The service was happy, polite and Bethany along with all the other staff that evening had smiles on their faces, very refreshing to see!

That brings us onto the menu…



I started scrolling down the starters section with my finger stopping at almost every option, ‘I think I’ll have that, oh I might have that, maybe this actually’. We went from choosing the 2x for £6.29 to 3x for £9.29, finally skipping the 4x for £11.99 and going straight in for the 5x for £13.99! Glazed Chicken Wings, Southern Fried Strips, Salt & Pepper Mushrooms, Chicken Tikka and BBQ Pork Riblets… Let me tell you, those Pork Riblets were by far, the best I’ve EVER tasted. When all 5 dishes were presented to us like we were royalty, we both looked at each other and said, ‘We won’t be needing a main course’. There was plenty to go at, and go at it we did!

While I sit back and reminisce about this amazing starter, I’d just like to shout-out Bethany in particular and the rest of the staff that were on that night. We were there on this occasion to specifically review the pub, however it was clear they didn’t know that to begin with. What really impressed us, was that the service was outstanding before they realised what I was doing snapping pictures from all sorts of weird angles! It would have been easy to pre-warn the staff and give us special treatment to get a good review, but this wasn’t the case and our experience is just as important as the food.

Back onto the food, next up was the main course. I went for the carvery. Who doesn’t love a good carvery and a good carvery is what I got. I went for the Beef and then piled my plate up with all that you’d expect from a carvery. Donetta went for a burger and ‘doubled-up’. Doubling up after that starter was ambitious and when our little device started buzzing to let us know the food was ready that thought came to realisation… It was massive! A great selection at the carvery and a burger big enough to eat you, nevermind eating it, were both delicious.

In addition, ordering the burger Donetta had the choice of helping herself to the salad station, chips and vegetables from over at the carvery… That’s impressive.

There was also an array of Pizza options to choose from, I reckon we’ll test those on our next visit. Under the Sunday Carvery section there were also a few other options such as Gammon & Eggs, Steak & Ale Pie etc. Another thing I noticed plenty of, were vegetarian options. We’re not vegetarians and it still caught my eye how many options were available for those that are.

We were stuffed! I genuinely felt like undoing my belt, although not sure it suited the restaurant etiquette. All that was left to do now, was dessert!

Home Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie, who says no to that?! Genuinely baked fresh too. When I ordered at the beginning of the night I was informed that it would take around 8 mins to prepare as it’s baked fresh. That was perfect, I needed a few minutes after that starter and main so was more than happy to spend a few minutes relaxing. Donetta went with the Chocolate Brownie and Ice Cream, obviously I had a bite of hers too and it was amazing! Ice Cream Sundae, Chocolate Fudge Cake, Caramel Apple Crumble Tart amongst a few others… It would be rude not to have a dessert with choices like that.

Throughout the evening we were asked how are meals were and if everything was OK, just at the right times too. Finding the balance of bugging customers and showing good customer service is difficult but the Highwayman staff were fantastic. It was nice to know they were available if we needed anything without bugging us every 5 mins and us having to do the old ‘Yeah great cheers’ with a mouth full of food! Our dishes were swiftly taken away as we finished each course and the waiting time between courses was minimal.

After these masterpieces went down it’s safe to say we were FULL! I’m writing this 2 days later and I’m still full! Having said that, I could eat it all again, it was delicious. Oh and when you consider that we had all of this plus drinks and it only came to £42 that’s unbelievable! Bang for buck is serious at this place.

In summary, the building/decor has been very well done, the service was fantastic, the menu had more than enough options, the food was delicious and the entire experience was a 10/10 from us.

When you don’t often get chance to go out for a child free evening just the wife and I, it makes you quite selective of where you will go. I can guarantee that the Highwayman Pub will be right at the top of the list next time too! In addition to that, we were so impressed that it will also be a regular choice for family meals out too!

Thank you to Stonehouse Pizza & Carvery, The Highwayman Pub and all the staff for a great evening out 🙂

Here’s a little video we put together, snippets of our evening and a few more photo’s from our night…





  1. 23rd March 2017 / 9:30 pm

    Great stuff. I’m hungry just looking at it.

    • DadvWorld
      23rd March 2017 / 9:31 pm

      Thanks mate! I’m really looking forward to going back ASAP!

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