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The MusiQi | TECH


As you all know I love a bit of tech and after testing and reviewing this Wireless Charger and Speaker, I’ve added the MusiQi to my desk set-up.

Now I’m not short on speakers in the office, however the MusiQi can do not only one but two things that my Edifier and Amazon Echo can’t.

Firstly, the MusiQi can be taken from room to room with ease and placed wherever I need it. I’ve even taken it for nights away in hotels. Plug in, link up via bluetooth and there you go, easy.

Secondly and the best part, it’s also a charger! I lay my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on top and BOOM, it charges. This is so handy in my office as I only have so many chargers, so being able to just bang my Android on top of the MusiQi and know it’ll set off charging is soo helpful.


The MusiQi from Fone Salesman is easy to use, very useful and a must for your office set-up. On top of it’s functionality it also looks so damn cool…


Let me know what tech is on your desk… See you online @dadvworld


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