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The Ultimate List Of Gifts Dads Really Want

The Ultimate List Of Gifts Dads Really Want

Unfortunately when the kids are small the vital job of choosing gifts for dad usually falls on the shoulder of your long-suffering other-half (OH).

Of course, their plate is already full with a myriad of other responsibilities and that means they can, on occasion, take their eye off the ball. That is when we tend to end up with gifts such as a pair of socks and some aftershave, the latter being ever so ironic for us guys with beards! Luckily, I have taken some time to put together a list of gifts that we dads genuinely want. Read on to find out what they are.


Consoles and games


Who doesn’t love getting a new games console? After all, they provide hours of low-cost fun and can be used as alone time once the kids have gone to bed, or with some more child-friendly games as a way of bonding with the family.


Now, you may be thinking that a brand new shiny bit of tech like this is a bit expensive for a single occasion, but you don’t have to go out and buy a PS4 or Xbox One. Although if you did you probably won’t get too many complaints. In fact, with some impressive retro numbers like this reissue of the Nintendo SNES that is chocked full of classic games like Mario World and The Legend of Zelda, buying a new console as a gift is totally doable.


Of course, if you’re looking for something in an even more reasonable price range, then why not go for a new game instead? There are nearly always offers in online shops and catalogues for the new releases, and you can even save more money by buying them pre-owned. Something you can find out more about in the clip below.




New threads and kicks


Most of us dads still like to look as fly as possible, and that means new thread and kicks are always a welcome gift. For OHs that are trying to smarten us up a bit then a piece from John Henric’s UK collection is a good shout. While if you are looking for something a bit more alternative Shepard Fairey’s Obey range has some awesome hoodies and shirts that would look great in any wardrobe.


When it comes to kicks, then it’s always best to check what sneaker brand we are currently wearing before investing. After all, us dads can be very particular about what we wear on feet!


A fun day out

Lastly, as one of the biggest joys of being a dad is taking the fam’ on a fun day out, and so vouchers for this make a fabulous gift. Think exciting places to visit and explore like the Jurassic Kingdom where you get to see (almost) real racing raptors. Legoland Windsor where you can ride the laser shooting rollercoaster, or even Thorpe Park, where you can have a grown-up moment and try out the Walking Dead coaster! Although, there are plenty of kid-friendly rides to please the little ones there too, making this type of trip the perfect gift for us Dads.


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