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Things To Do Over The Spring/Easter Holidays | with Twinkl

Things To Do Over The Spring/Easter Holidays | with Twinkl

Whether you’re Home Educating or just looking for fun activities to do over the Spring/Easter holidays, Twinkl has you covered.

As many of you know we home educate Corben thus meaning we’re always on the look out for educational and fun material to use. Twinkl is our go to place and it always ticks the box.

Next up is the Spring/Easter Holidays and it’s always fun to check out what activities Twinkl have in mind.

The most popular downloads on Twinkl for Easter right now are the Easter Themed Basket and Hat template activity sheets. Make your own Easter basket and hats, something I imagine loads of people doing during the holidays.



You can download them HERE if you have a Twinkl account.

I’ll tell you something else that caught my eye and made it into my downloads, Spring Hunt Checklist. We’ve been out and about a lot more lately discovering new places to explore and having this Spring Hunt Checklist would definitely add to the experience. Last time we went to a local wood Corben was intrigued by all the different types of leaves we found, checking similar things off and having to find them, he’d find really fun. He’d also be learning without even knowing! 🙂


twinkl dadvworld


There’s an entire section built around Spring with videos and activities spanning all ages, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy and learn.

Check out the Twinkl Spring Section | Twinkl Spring Section

Back to Easter and there’s a section for this too, lots of things to keep the kids entertained whilst learning at the same time. Whether you want to learn about the meaning of Easter or just make and wear fun hats, Twinkl have activity packs to cover all bases.

Check out the Twinkl Easter Section | Twinkl Easter

So there’s a few of the activities we’ll be doing over the Spring/Easter Holidays. If you want further information on Twinkl, here’s our previous post Twinkl | Review or feel free to get in touch anytime with questions via the comments below or across social media.

Twinkl genuinely has so many resources spanning so many subjects across all ages, it’s our go-to resource for all things fun and learning. We will be sharing similar posts like this one on a regular basis to keep you up to date on which activity packs we’ll be using throughout the year.

We’d love to hear about your Twinkl experiences and please do let us know which material you’re using so we can take a look too 🙂






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  1. 4th April 2018 / 10:41 pm

    A non conventional Easter hunt – I like it!

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