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My Throw Back Thursday Photo’s Got Me Thinking…

My Throw Back Thursday Photo’s Got Me Thinking…

On Thursday just gone I posted 3 photo’s of Donetta and I from a few years back onto Instagram.

They were received well by our friends and family as expected, and there were a few of the standard comments. Mainly about how much fresher and younger we looked, I say we, mainly aimed towards me. Inevitably there was also the odd remark on the fact I’m now, ‘well fed’, shall we say.

Now I’m not writing this because I’m in anyway feeling negative about any of these comments, I mean most of them were enhanced by responses to comments pointing out such things.

I’m going down the opposite route to which you may think this post is likely to go. I’m embracing the fact that over the last 6 years I’m roughly 4 stone heavier and my face isn’t quite so fresh looking.

I prefer it!

Sure, I’m a little sensitive about my moobs nowadays and finding new tops that sit well without promoting the fact I have a chest almost as big as Donetta’s can be difficult. But, my face looked drained back then and I much prefer my now filled out face, mixed with the fact I can now grow a decent beard I can only see positive changes. I’m never going to be David Beckham but that’s fine by me, I’m just saying I feel my facial looks have improved with age as well as I could have expected!

I know not one person that commented would ever purposefully say anything to make me feel bad. Looking older and/or bigger comments are just for fun and everyone commenting I feel I know well enough for them to have that type of banter. I’m a good laugh in my opinion and it’s good to see that this quality is being noticed through our content online too. I love banter!

Of course, you have to be very careful nowadays about dishing out throw-away comments about people’s looks and weight, but there’s no harm done here… I say whilst finishing off a sausage roll!

Moving on from the physical aspect of my #TBT photo’s, after looking at them and reminiscing for a few moments, it got me to thinking about David and Donetta from 6 years ago and us now. Not how we’ve physical changed but deeper than that. How have we changed, as people.


Do you know what I see in these 3 photo’s from 6 years ago…

A young couple, in love, enjoying life with it all ahead of them.

Do you know what I see in photo’s taken now…

A young couple, in love, enjoying life with it all ahead of them.

Nothing much has changed from that point of view.

Granted, in the big scheme of things 6 years isn’t long. However during these last 6 years, I’ve learnt more than the previous 25 years put together and have more love, enjoyment, happiness, motivation and drive than ever before.

Whether it’s 6 years or 26 years, it’s great to look back and take a minute to remember where you were and how far you’ve come.

I want to see your old photo’s, Tweet me @dadvworld or get them on Instagram and tag me @dadvworld


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