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Time Management

If you’re looking for advice on time management, then you’re probably wasting your time reading this. I have none!

Time. Something I had plenty of pre-children, yet did nothing with. Now I have none but 20 times more things I need it for. Life just isn’t logical is it.

I reckon in the past I wasted more time wondering what to do with my time than I spent actually doing anything.

Anyway, what’s prompted me to rush some words down on a screen about this particular thing, is that my time management skills aren’t up to scratch but they need to be. Recently I’ve been soo busy, it feels like I’m constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul. For instance, I haven’t edited and uploaded a YouTube video for over 2 weeks! That’s not very good, especially when part of my job is Vlogging! I also haven’t been half as active across my social media platforms for DadvWorld as I usually am and that needs to change certainly.

The catch is, it’s not because I’ve been lazy or struggling to motivate myself. It’s mainly because I’ve been far too busy in other areas. Finding a balance is impossible. Whenever I’m tackling one task, that means there’s another in waiting.

I’m not complaining, being busy is great, if I wasn’t then I’d be worried. Home Educating Corben is going great, despite illness being passed back and forth between the family for the last couple of weeks, back to a full schedule next week though. I’ve done a few calculations in my head, well I have now I’ve just written that, and it seems like 30 hours in a day would ease this problem slightly for me. A couple of energy drinks and an extra 6 hours per day would do the trick I reckon. Work, play, educate, chill, I could include it all.

I’ve tried using apps on my phone, various pieces of software and even created a daily schedule to try and manage my time better and get everything done, none of it works. Donetta will have set shifts starting in the new year which should help massively, we will be able to plan things well in advance and know our availability on the spot.

How do you manage your day? Do you have work, play, education on top of general housework and parenting stuff? How do you do it, or don’t any of us actually cope doing it all :/ ?!

Let me know what you think, other than clubbing together and agreeing from now on we have 30 hours in a day I don’t know what else to tell you 😀

See you online @dadvworld


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