To My Wife…

To My Wife…

David & Donetta

This is the 7th time I’ve restarted this blog post. Twice because you keep walking through the bloody office and I lose trail of thought. Once because I’ve just had to find you the Apple earphones, Samsung ones don’t fit apparently AND the other times because it all started to sound like a load of soppy bollocks.

The first time I saw you I knew we’d be together forever. I remember the dress you were wearing. I remember the feeling I got when we spoke… All that sort of stuff. Now I’ve given my head a shake I know I don’t need to prove to the world or share with the world my everlasting undying love for you, on a chuffin blog post.

Instead, what I’ll do is wish you a happy birthday via our website, as I did Kiera and Abi, then schedule all posts to automatically go out tomorrow so that we can spend your birthday doing whatever it is you decide to do together.

Then once your birthday is over, we will continue our quest to conquer the world together as we’ve been doing for the last 6 years. We will continue to make new memories, to build our family empire and live our lives exactly how we want to.

But on your birthday what I’d like to remind you of is the solidarity we have. This special bond. The tunnel visioned determination we both share to take our family exactly where we want to be. That’s what is special to me. More so than that first sighting in Goose, the 2 toned pink and red dress with black heels and that overwhelming feeling of instantly knowing you were the one.


Happy Birthday Donetta,


Lots of Love David x



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