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My Top 3 Must-Haves For This Winter!

My Top 3 Must-Haves For This Winter!

It’s safe to say Winter has arrived.

It’s getting a lot harder to get out from underneath the quilt cover in a morning, we’re at that stage where you dangle a foot out to test and quickly retrieve it back to the warmth. I’m having to give the car 5 minutes to get it’s engine going in a morning and the other day I could see my own breath as I scrapped the windscreen.

We home educate and spend a lot of time out and about with our local HE community. Also with the work I do it means getting out to take photos and videos even if the weather is tempting to you to have a quilt on sofa kinda day. To be fair, Winter is my favourite time of year and I prefer the colder weather over clammy humid summer days.

I know I’m probably in the minority.

Even though I prefer this weather it doesn’t take away the fact that to continue doing the things we want to do over these months, we’re going to have to get prepared. We couldn’t spend 4 hours out exploring in the middle of December without being prepared.

So here’s my Top 3 Must-Haves For This Winter that I won’t be leaving the house without!

First things first, a flask! We picked up a Thermos 1.0L Black one with two cups from Tesco for only £6! Have a look here THERMOS FLASK – Now this one is the same apart from ours being all black and I’m not sure if the labelling was wrong because it’s a different price in store! We went out last week and Donetta loves to have a whinge about how cold she always is, a flask of warm drink would help her with that and me with the moaning.. Two birds one stone.

winter dadvworld

Actually, the first thing is probably a bag to put your gear in?!

We have a Cabin Zero 36L Naga Red Bag that we take EVERYWHERE! It’s awesome. It’s bigger than a standard back pack and has all sorts of extra little compartments and zips that prove very useful. It’s just the right size to get in all that we usually take on a full day out with us. I should add it’s comfortable to wear too. We go out a lot and have to carry Corben’s medicine with us as well as all the other relevant stuff to that day, so if I’m wearing it most days it needs to be comfortable too.

winter dadvworld

If you’re one of our mates, regular readers or whatever you want to be called… You’ll know when I’m out and about I’m always sniffing out some photo and/or video opportunities, which means I can’t keep my fingers nicely tucked away in my coat pockets to ensure they don’t fall off. I’m always messing with my phone trying to improve my Insta game or grabbing video on my camera. So my fingers have an increased chance at falling off!

Well, check out these beauties I found at Engelbert Strauss – The PVC knitted gloves Rondo Prazision. First off, what a name for a pair of gloves. Secondly, they have cut outs for your thumb, index and middle fingers, keeping the other fingers and hand nicely wrapped up! They’re like a vlogger/Instagrammers dream pair of gloves! Now their real purpose as is most of the products on the Engelbert Strauss website, is for workwear and personal protection. They’re designed with outdoor activities, repairs and fixing in mind. But, I like to hack things and utilise them for my needs! Also these ones from Engelbert Strauss have grip on the palm side again intended as a non-slip tool for workwear and PPE, although if you have an iPhone 7 Plus Matte Black you’ll thank me for this recommendation.

winter dadvworld

So there you are, short, sweet but vital if you’re going to be out and about this winter. We won’t be leaving the house without these 3 main things over the next few months.

What winter gear is essential for you, let me know in the comments… See you online @dadvworld





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