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Top 5 Pet Peeves

Top 5 Pet Peeves

1 – I was asked this in my Leibster Award questions, not for 5 but for 1 and the first thing that came to mind was, cupboard doors and drawers being left open. Seriously, the wife does it on purpose because she knows how much it winds me up, at least I think she must because it’s pretty much every day! Kitchen cupboards, bedroom drawers, not wide open but not closed either, it’s annoying, I know you’re reading this PLEASE STOP!

2 – Parents shouting at their kids in public in a way where they want everyone to hear. What’s the deal with that? Look at me everyone shouting at my kid and teaching them my clever dick attitude. Then they wonder why their kid shouts back and is uncontrollable. Public transport and supermarkets are full of these idiots, shouting and balling at the kid and the kid shouting back.

3 – People who are always better than you. I have a cat, they have a tiger. No matter what you say they’ve got, had or done better. Those people are clearly insecure and feel the need to prove themselves constantly, must be a sad life.

4 – Walking on the right hand side! In most buildings where you need to be directed to which side to walk on, like schools or steps out of a train station etc, they always say keep to the right. WHY? We drive on the left so why don’t we walk on the left and keep everything nicely in sync. I know it probably makes no odds for non-drivers but quite frankly it does my nut in!

5 – Lifts/Elevators, not so much now because the boy walks everywhere and can use the stairs and escalators but before when he was in the pram you’d have to use the lifts, the doors will open and people on the next level waiting for the lift will be stood directly in front of the doors!!! Then they huff and puff because they’ve got to move for you to exit the lift, seriously did you not expect this to happen?! On the same theme, lazy people that don’t need to use the lift but fill it up leaving you waiting for next one with a massive pram when they could have used the stairs/escalators, dicks.

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