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Top 5 Smart Home Gadgets | with Future Home Shop

Top 5 Smart Home Gadgets | with Future Home Shop

Smart Home Gadgets are quite simply, awesome. From improving your home security, to keeping your home just the right level of cosy, Smart Home Gadgets can enhance the way you run your home. Granted, some are a little reminiscent of ‘Black Mirror’, but incredibly useful and intuitive nonetheless. The type of thing you never knew you needed and now you’re not quite sure how you functioned without it. We’ve rounded up our top 5 smart home gadgets to demystify how life-enhancing smart home technology can be. 

Ring Video Doorbell 

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It’s 2018, why should we have to take a day off to wait in for a parcel that never arrives? With smart doorbells, there are no more missed parcel notices, and no more queues at the post office. When you have a visitor, your Ring Doorbell camera switches on and connects to your phone so that no matter where you are (even if you’re not at home), you can see, hear and speak to the person on your doorstep. This is such a simple but incredibly useful gadget. It’s perfect for families with young children, because even if you’ve got your hands full with the kids upstairs and can’t physically answer the door, you can still greet your visitor. Being able to see and speak to your visitor even when you’re not home, is another level of security, giving the impression of someone being at home. 

Philips Hue Beyond LED Ceiling Light 

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Anyone who’s had a sleep deprived baby to care for, knows the dreaded feeling when the doorbell goes and wakes up your little one, just as they finally start to nod off. With smart light fixtures, the lighting in your home can flash or turn a different colour to alert you to a visitor at the door, or even a phone call. The Philips Hue pendant light has endless colour variations you can control from your app, so you get to control the atmosphere. Energise your morning with the sunrise alarm. Your Philips Hue will gradually turn on in the morning and fill your room with a light that mimics natural sunlight. 

Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation 

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The sleek Nest Learning Thermostat learns your schedule and how you warm/cool you like your home at different times. You control the temperature for a week after its installed and it will programme itself to suit your schedule. It detects when the house is empty, and switches to an energy saving mode. What’s more, if you’re heading home early, you can adjust the temperature via your smartphone, so you’re always walking into a cosy home. 

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera (Pack of 2) 

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The Nest Outdoor Security Camera (set of 2) is an affordable way of securing your home. It’s ideal for frequent travellers as the app will alert you to unexpected movement, without you having to review hours and hours of footage. The two way talk camera enables you to warn away intruders through the app, from anywhere in the world. If you’re away for an extended period, the footage can be shared with a friend or family member via a password protected stream, so someone can always keep an eye on your home. 

Netgear Arlo Baby 1080p HD Monitor 

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The Netgear Arlo Baby Monitor combines the ability to hear, see and speak to your baby, crystal clear night vision HD imagery, a room thermometer and humidity checker. As well this, the Arlo app allows you to play music and sound effects such as white noise or even your own recorded voice, without you needing to be in the room. You are also able to set a nightlight, picking from thousands of colours and adjusting the brightness to suit. The Arlo Baby Monitor has the ability to detect and record motion or sound triggered events, saving them in your cloud library, meaning you don’t miss a moment. 

Future Home Shop brings you a selection of Smart Home Products to take your life easier & gives you access to the latest connected home technology. 


This post was sourced for DadvWorld.com I wanted to share this content as we love tech in our house. I’m eager to start turning the office firstly, into a smart office so I can make the most of the gadgets available today.



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