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My Top Tips To Win At Christmas Shopping | #OneLessWorry

My Top Tips To Win At Christmas Shopping | #OneLessWorry

Ah, so now those of you that were all like,

‘Shut up about Christmas it’s too early’

…are now saying

‘AH it’s December and I’ve not even started Christmas shopping!’

In collaboration with Contact Numbers UK and their #OneLessWorry campaign, I’ve got a few tips for you to get your shopping done without getting involved with all the pushing, shoving and queue jumping this Christmas.

Online Shopping

There’s a reason online shopping is taking over the shopping experience. It’s convenient, easy and can be done from the warmth of your own bed.

This is the ultimate tip for missing the madness of December Christmas shoppers. We usually end up rushing around on Christmas Eve trying to finish off our Christmas shopping lists and it never goes well. This year though, we’ve dived in early and ticked off all the items on the kids lists leaving only the bonus extra presents to be sorted over the last 3 weeks. The only problem we’ve encountered by getting in early on all the online deals is that our neighbours have had to take in loads of deliveries… Luckily we’ve got a good set of folks on our street!

Off-Peak Shopping

If you must go out in this bitterly cold weather, wallet in one hand and a taser in the other… To fend off those other manic December shoppers. Then try and suss out the off-peak shopping times in your area. Most shops have extended hours in the run up to Christmas and in particular the late-night opening hours will be utilised to their maximum!

Be smarter. Of course the town centre at 6pm will be heaving, most of the town offices will be let loose at 5pm and it’s usually busy anyway, add Christmas lists to the mix and it’s a free-for-all. Have a scout about online and if you know there’s a few presents that you can pick up all from a 24-hour store, then one night when you’re off work the following day, go on a 1am shopping spree. Gift sets, booze etc you could be in and out in no time at all and miss the rush. In addition stores such as John Lewis, offer store collection at a time that suits you.

Plan Where To Shop

Before you leave the house get your present list at the ready and plan out which shops and in what order you should hit. Think about what certain shops offer to make the experience less stressful and more enjoyable, giving you #OneLessWorry. For instance, John Lewis offer a gift wrapping service in addition to gift receipts, extended returns policy and store collections. All of which should factor in your Christmas shopping plan. If you can get your products along with a few extras all whilst in store, it’s a no brainer really.

There’s my top tips for beating the rush at this time of year.

If you’re an elite organisational machine, then you may even have questions to ask before you wrap your scarf around your neck and zip up your coat. That’s where Contact Numbers UK come in. If you want further info on the John Lewis extended returns policy for example, they even have the direct John Lewis number you need to call. One less worry 😉

I want you lot to have #OneLessWorry so here’s some extra content to help you in your Christmas shopping mission…

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