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Totally Funky | REVIEW

Totally Funky | REVIEW

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I get tonnes of emails each day pointing me in the direction of certain products. They’re generally crap! Then one day I saw something from Totally Funky, their Milk Light.

I was straight on it! I’ll have one of those thank you!

Dad Blogger

Luckily Totally Funky decided I was worth sending one to review. The regular readers and followers of DadvWorld will know how much I love my little office space and my new desk. As soon as I saw the Milk Light I knew it would fit in well with my theme. I like stuff that’s a little different and has the ‘COOL’ factor.

This Milk Light, I’m sure you’ll agree certainly has the ‘COOL’ factor. So, it’s basically a rechargeable LED light styled as a classic milk pint bottle. It’s sleek and stylish I think and the light is very good for the size of the product. I’m often working late in my office and that has given me the perfect opportunity to swap the warm yellowish light from the big light to the white LED light of the Milk Light.

Dad Blogger

My theme is mainly black and white with a few bits of colour from my Marvel/DC items, meaning the Milk Light fits straight in, glowing off my white desk too which gives off even more lighting. It just looks amazing!

The Milk Light comes with a low profile mini-USB charging cable and talking of charge, it lasts up to 8 hours! I use mine for my office but it can easily be used as a night light for your little ones, or yourself if you’ve just finished watching a scary film :/ #TrueStory 🙂

As you can see from my photo’s I’ve customised mine slightly with an Apple sticker, Corben’s request and to be fair it’s upped the ‘COOL’ factor from 10 to 11 so well played son.

Dad Blogger

Here’s some links for you to buy yourself one, tell them I sent you… That won’t give you a discount but will make me look good 🙂

Totally Funky Website

Totally Funky Milk Light

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