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Twinkl | REVIEW

As you know, we home educate. Just like in school we still need resources for both, us the parents and the children.

We heard Twinkl mentioned several times within the home ed community and after having a look at the amazing free resources available we decided to go all in for the Platinum Plus Package. This package is the top one, £64.99 per year which works out at just over £5 a month. Believe me, with a 4 year old and 11 year old currently learning at home, £5 a month is easily worth it. (Other packages are available at different costs)

We’ve just begun a virtual world tour with our 11 year old. It’s an ongoing project where we will travel the world stopping at different countries and learning all about them before moving on to the next country. Our first stop was Poland. So I jumped on Twinkl, logged in and typed in Poland. I was presented with a load of material we could use. Packs designed for the teacher/parent to make it easy to plan a project/lesson. There were worksheets, PowerPoints, cards and all sorts! It made starting our project very easy!

Twinkl Review

We’re currently looking at adding a second project to our daughters learning schedule which will be WW2, chosen by our daughter. I’ve already downloaded so much material from Twinkl that we can use it’s fantastic.

On the Twinkl website they cater for all ages. I’ve obviously concentrated on the Early Years section for our 4 year old and then KS3-4 for our 11 year old. The in-between sections look just as comprehensive.

I also love the extra touches Twinkl have incorporated. It’s not just a website filled with content that you have to search through and fend for yourself. They have tonnes of categories to help you navigate through the site to find exactly what you’re looking for. On top of that, they have ‘Twinkl Recommends…’ so for example, this months recommendations are St Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day and Spring, amongst others.

We have barely scratched the surface with what Twinkl has to offer and we’re already VERY impressed. When home educating it’s not always easy to plan and get straight in your mind exactly how to achieve goals you set for yourself and your children, but Twinkl seem to have it covered!

Twinkl Review

I’m speaking from a home educators point of view but Twinkl have sections for Childminders, Adult Education, Parents and I know several teachers in schools that use Twinkl resources. I know there’s a number of free resources around online if you spend time digging them out, but I’ve searched and found it tiring and the content quite minimal. Twinkl seems to have what I’m looking for and all in one place, thus well worth paying the money.

The Twinkl website is growing and growing and I will certainly be renewing my subscription for the foreseeable future.

Go check Twinkl out HERE!

Do you or have you used Twinkl before? Let me know what you think… See you online @dadvworld


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