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Unmasked Robbers!

Unmasked Robbers!

Is it just me, or do you feel like 2017 has only just got going too. I probably mean financially thinking about it.

January, everyone’s skint and having to play catch up from Christmas and February for us was then trying to get ourselves back even. Now it’s March and we’re still not there, but we’ve started accepting that we’re never catching up officially and can therefore get well into 2017.

Our eldest daughter is 13 in the next couple of days so as per usual, just as you think you’re not as skint as you were the previous month, something pops up (Surprisingly, despite her birthday being the same date EVERY year!) that requires you to empty your wallet once again. Kids are like unmasked armed robbers hiding in open view. I kept the ‘armed’ part in because they have an arsenal of emotional weaponry. To be fair this kid isn’t bad, she’ll ask how much she has to spend and pick out her items accordingly, minimal hassle.

For birthdays we tend to stick to a round £100. We then throw in a day out, or as they’re getting older, this years request was for her and a few friends to go to an all you can eat restaurant whilst we swan around town penniless waiting for them to finish. So much has changed in 12 months! It was only 2 minutes ago she wanted a Justin Bieber talking microphone and a colouring set, now we adults are no longer cool enough to even join the meal, despite me still wearing my cap backwards and recently buying some Nike trainers!  Our parenting style has always been to judge the kid/person, regardless of age or societies rules of conduct and we’re happy for her to have some alone time with her friends in the restaurant knowing they’ll be relatively well behaved.


13 though… I’m not old enough for that! We will actually have a teenager in the house. As I write this I’m laughing because it must be even stranger for Donetta because Kiera is now actually taller than her, so not only has she seen her grow up, she’s seen her grow even taller than she is! I hope she stops, I must maintain stereotypical balance by being the tallest, biggest and strongest in the house. If she gets taller than me I’ll have to start doing DIY and other ‘manly’ stuff to maintain my place in the family food chain!

For some reason up until now each year has felt the same, but this year her status as kid turns to teenager so it feels like her life-power will be upgraded! I’m a little scared…

I’m thinking of writing a more specific ‘We have a teenager’ type post soon, tell me your stories in the comments along with how your 2017 has started…?

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