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We’ve Got The Secrets To Successful Kid’s B-Day Party

We’ve Got The Secrets To Successful Kid’s B-Day Party

Do you dread planning a birthday party for your kid? You’re not alone.

Planning a great party can be tough, and when the guest of honor is a child, it’s even worse. We’ve all heard the horror stories about parents who spent a fortune on a themed party when actually, their kid grew out of the cowboy obsession a couple of years ago. You’d think you’d be safe planning it all around superheroes considering how popular they are. But then you need to think about whether you go down the Marvel route or DC. And, if you’re totally lost about the difference between the two, we can make it easy. DC is Superman and Batman, and Marvel is Spiderman and Ironman among many, many, many others. But back to the perfect kid’s party. How do you make sure the birthday party for your child is absolutely spectacular? We’ve got some ideas.


Ask Them What They Want

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Yes, it’s a basic piece of advice, but you’d be amazed how many parents don’t actually bother to do this. Instead, they plan it all as a surprise which is a mistake. You don’t know what your kid would really want without asking them. For instance, your child might love Disney, which is great. So, you’ll get the mickey mouse cake which you can see how to make below.




You might even plan an evening of watching Disney movies. Perhaps, you’ll rent a projector system? On the day of the party – uh oh – your child is incredibly embarrassed about liking these films and hasn’t told any of their friends. That’s how a fantastic surprise birthday can become a disaster, and it’s just one example. You might also find out that there’s something that your child really wants for their birthday.


For whatever reason, they haven’t asked you. Perhaps they think it’s too expensive or maybe they just don’t want to be a bother. By asking them what they really want, you can guarantee they won’t be disappointed.


Don’t Invite The Whole Class


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It’s a rookie mistake, and you just hate to see it. Parents often have a rather simplistic view of school. It’s like they’ve completely forgotten the time they spent there. Let’s be real and say that the odds of your child liking or even getting on with everyone in their class are slim to none. Instead, it’s more common for a child to have a key group of friends and these are the ones that should get the party invites if you’re in charge of invitations. Again, you may just want to leave it up to your child.


While we’re on the subject of invitations, you shouldn’t invite extended family members as guests. Unless they are best friends with your child, they’ll just end up being the odd one out, and it won’t be fun for anyone.


Go Wild With Awesome Activities




Don’t settle for the typical trip to the cinema or disco because there are so many other more exciting options for you to consider. For instance, you might want to think about planning a trip to go paintballing. There are tons of paintballing courses all over the place to choose. For this party idea to work, you need at least four guests and be aware that if you’re paying for all of them, it can get expensive. As such, you want to make sure that you are aware of the costs before you finalize this party option. There are other sports that you should think about as well. For instance, your kid might love footy. If that’s the case, then you can hire a whole arena for a proper match. You can see Powerleague for ideas like this and a lot more. Or, how about planning a wilderness adventure crossover birthday party. Plan a camping trip with your kid and their friends where they’ll be able to go white water rafting and more for a birthday they’ll never forget.


Getting Involved Yourself?


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You’re going to need to decide whether you should get involved in the fun and games at the birthday party. When your kids are younger, they won’t mind this and will probably love the idea. However, as they get older, they might be a little more embarrassed about their dad or mum joining in on their birthday. Instead, they’d rather have some privacy with their friends. You’ll need to judge what the right decision is based on what you know about your kid and what you think they would want in this situation.


Hire A Celebrity


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It’s a little more out there and a lot more expensive. But you might be interested in the possibility of hiring a celebrity to attend your child’s birthday party. You would be amazed the tier of celebs that will show up as well. We’re talking movie stars, famous athletes, and TV personalities. For that right price, the people known under the spotlight will make an appearance for your child. To arrange this, you’ll need to go through their talent agency and make a deal for your child’s idol to show up.


Avoid The Cliche


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If you can you need to make sure that you are avoiding the outdated and overplayed birthday ideas from the typical games to the special guests. For instance, unless your child is obsessed with clowns, you don’t want to hire one to show up at your kid’s birthday party. Even if your child is amused we guarantee at least one member of the party will be in tears before the event is over. Clown phobias are far more common than people think and this is just one of the birthday ideas you need to forget.


We hope you have fun planning a fantastic birthday party for your child complete with everything they would love to see on a special day. Avoid the mistakes we’ve mentioned, use the best ideas, and you’ll be able to make sure your child loves their birthday party. Remember, if in doubt, just ask what they want, and you can’t go wrong.



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