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We’ve started the New Year with a BANG!

We’ve started the New Year with a BANG!

No, literally, Corben banged his head and we spent New Years Day sat in A&E! 

So we’re those parents that don’t ever want to leave the boy with anyone other than eachother if it can be helped. This is because we’re overpowering, controlling, molly coddling parents. Kind of.

Not really, it just stems from Corben being very ill when he was a baby and no-one knows him like we do and knows the signs you need to look for in him, so makes sense we’re present all of the time.

However, we decided that this New Year we would get ourselves out and enjoy this popular ‘me time’ we’ve heard so much about and leave him with his Nanna. He loves visiting his Nanna with Lily. This is her name because she has a dog called Lily and that’s how Corb differentiates from other Nanna’s! He packed all his favourite toys into his 347 bags and was dropped off for a fun filled New Years Eve with Nanna with Lily.

We partied, took Snapchats and got merry. In between this we sent the ‘check-up’ texts to make sure that everyone was still alive and Lily hadn’t eaten Nanna or Corb or both…. All was fine, as expected…. I don’t know what it is with us parents, I’m guessing no-one leaves their child with an axe-murderer so why do we need to check up every hour on the hour that the person that was more than capable of bringing us up, is managing with 50-odd years of life experience a few hours playing with the kid?!

We stayed out and the plan was that Corben would have breakfast then dinner at his Nannas. The girls were at their Dad’s and not due back until after dinner either so all was relaxed the following morning. We enjoyed bacon and egg sandwiches and a cup of tea, then set off back home to kill some time before collecting the boy.

13:20 – We’ve made it… We’ve had a good night out, enjoyed being David and Donetta for a while, rather than Dad and Mum and the time had come to set off to reclaim our son. *Phone beeps* ‘Can you set off now, he’s been spinning around and has banged his head* – FFS.

By the way… This is in no way, shape or form a blame story, Corben is always falling over and hurting himself, he’s 4 and is typically boisterous.

We get over there and Corben is sat quietly, obviously a little shaken that he’d picked a fight with the window cill and lost, adding to that loss he gained a huge egg shaped lump on his forehead, bright purple! It’s at that moment you think to yourself, this is exactly why I hate leaving him anywhere other than with myself or his Mum. It’s for this exact reason I send that message on the hour every hour and worry whenever he’s out of my reach.

He fell over and banged his noggin the day before at home when pretending to be The Joker, being chased by Batman. It happens, it’s not anyone’s fault. But when it happens and you aren’t there to witness, asses and control the situation, it makes me feel SHIT! I also feel bad for Nanna with Lily because she’s so cautious and careful with him that I know this will have effected her too, even put her off having him for a while. Bloody kids!!

Moving on, we noticed in the car that he’d started blinking a bit and was a little quiet. We decided A&E was our next destination, you can’t be too careful with head injuries and although he said he felt OK we’re not willing to play Russian Roulette with his health. Thankfully we were seen pretty quickly and after a few little checks it was clear he was OK. Now, a day later he’s fine, bruised but fine.

Sat in hospital on New Years Day I couldn’t help but think, I do hope we’re not starting the year as it means to go on! The very reason we rarely go out together is because of this exact scenario. But, being the positive person I am, I know that isn’t the case and 2017 is still set to be a groundbreaking year for our family.

That was our start to the year, how has yours been? Let me know…. See you online @dadvworld


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