Keys, wallet, phone, Yazoo…

How many times a day do your kids say their hungry or thirsty or want something to put them on in between meal times? Don’t answer that, I already know it’s hundreds! Double that for the amount of times they say it when you’re out and about.

Fear not, we’ve cracked it and we’re willing to share exactly how so you too can have one less thing to worry about as a parent.

Yazoo (NAS – No Added Sugar) has done wonders for our sanity over the last couple of weeks. Now hang on, let me share the official details with you first about how healthy it is and all that other stuff, then I’ll tell you the real benefits of this awesome milk drink!

YAZOO is the number one flavoured milk drink in the UK. In 2016 it launched No Added Sugar (NAS), a range that only contains the sugar which is found naturally in milk, meaning there isn’t a sweetener in sight. It boasts the same great taste YAZOO is known for.

At 96 calories, YAZOO NAS sits comfortably in the Public Health England’s plans for 100 calorie snacks for children. Plus, with Vitamin B2, protein and calcium it is full of essential goodness.

Now for the benefits us parents are really after…

That time between breakfast and lunch, I think posh people call it brunch, you know about 10:30-11am. Well Corben is always after a snack and as ever it can be a battle to make that snack something healthy. Of course you offer up an apple or a banana but really what he wants is some crisps or chocolate.


As soon as we had a fridge full of Yazoo NAS, the pure fact one of them is called Chocolate was enough to let him think he was winning that mid-morning battle and had got something chocolatey down his gob.

We get out and about quite a lot with Corben being home educated and the Yazoo NAS drinks have become a must-have in our packed lunches. We’ve been whipping them out here there and everywhere. If you keep an eye on my Instagram you’ll spot Yazoo NAS drinks in a few photo’s over the next week or so.

Now for the big one. We should be calling Yazoo NAS the defuser drink. If you’ve got more than one child you’ll understand this. That moment when the kids are ‘playing’ together and you can feel something is brewing. They get slightly snappier with each other and you know it’s all about to kick off over who gets to be Batman and who has to be Robin, let’s face it, no-one wants to be Robin when Batman is on offer…

Just as frustrations are about to reach their peak, you shout ‘Who wants a milkshake, chocolate, strawberry or banana?!’ Situation diffused instantly, hence defuser drink.

yahoo has milk drinks

We’ve been dishing out Yazoo NAS bottles like they’re going out of fashion… They’re not! They’re bang on the money and I can’t recommend them enough.

Knowing that they’re not full of this that and the other, they’re no added sugar and are full of health benefits takes away that parent-guilt when you’re using a milkshake to shut the kids up for 5 minutes. It’s not only that obviously, that’s just a little tongue in cheek (You’re all laughing now knowing it’s not!) they’re genuinely a great replacement for less healthier snacks between meal times, great for packed lunches and amazing for the long car journey’s we seem to be on every other day.

All 3 of our kids love them at 5, 13 and 14 and we do to, at 32 and I’m not allowed to say HA!

One thing that we have done throughout our Yazoo-laden journey is make some amazing family memories. Thinking back as I write this of the times we’ve had and the places we’ve been armed with our Yazoo drinks has been great.

What we’d like you to do is get yourselves some Yazoo NAS drinks in, take them everywhere you go and tag us in your snaps. It would be great to see what locations your Yazoo drinks find themselves in.


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If you have any questions or want to know more about Yazoo NAS then visit their website or leave me a comment. I’m working with Yazoo throughout the year and will be bringing you a HUGE GIVEAWAY in the summer holidays so your whole family can reap the benefits just like ours, keep your eyes peeled 🙂





    • DadvWorld
      5th June 2018 / 9:25 am

      They’re genuinely SO GOOD! Yeah the NAS version make them even better 🙂

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