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Wohven | Premium Men’s T-Shirt Subscription #ad

Wohven | Premium Men’s T-Shirt Subscription #ad

Summer is on its way and that means T-Shirt weather!

Now, I don’t know about you fellas but I start to get a little jittery around this time. It’s because of my ‘Dad Bod’. I’ve got a strange body shape going on recently, mainly down to Chilli Heatwave Doritos and McDonalds and this has made it increasingly difficult to find T-Shirts I’m comfortable in that fit just right.

In steps Wohven!

I spoke with Wohven and they said they’d send out a couple of their simple yet cool designs for me to try. I thought cool, let’s have a go.

I can tell you now I’m begging Wohven to open up to the UK market ASAP! I have my details ready to sign up for a new Tee every month as soon as they do. So yes, you UK lads reading this will have to hold out for now but you US guys across the pond need to get on this right now!


wohven t-shirt

The Service.

So basically you sign up for one of the packages Wohven offer. A plain tee subscription or one of their subtle yet cool design plans. You pay a very well priced monthly subscription and get surprised each month with a nice little package delivered to your door. A new tee every month without having to traipse around the shops, awesome!

The packaging.


wohven t-shirts


The packaging is great, you receive your T-Shirt in a plastic package that has a little photo and bio of the designer of that particular tee. Nice touch. I was excited to open it up and have a look at the design.

The designs.


dadvworld dad blogger


The designs are as promised, simple and stylish. I quite like plain T-Shirts and they accommodate for that, but after having a few with the subtle designs on too I’m completely sold on them too.


It’s all well and good getting the packaging right and having some great designs, but if the quality of the product isn’t what it needs to be then it’s all worthless. This IS NOT the case here. These T-Shirts are top drawer. They fit me just right, exactly how I want a tee to be. I’ve put them through the wash which is a test I’ve learnt over the years, many a time I’ve liked a T-Shirt but after one wash it’s all gone wrong! Wohven Tees passed this test and they’re all I’ve worn since getting them.

The product is great, but there’s more. Imagine finding a product that is delivered to your door, is quality, looks cool and you can have a fresh one delivered to your door every single month AND for an excellent price. Wohven provide all of this so it’s an absolute no-brainer!


wohven tees


Get yourself signed up HERE and worry no more about T-Shirt shopping!


*This post was in collaboration with Wohven.







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  1. 16th May 2018 / 10:06 pm

    Nice! Which modelling agency have you signed up with now?

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