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WordPress.org v WordPress.com | What’s The Difference?

WordPress.org v WordPress.com | What’s The Difference?

So you want to write a blog, you’ve decided upon your niche and chosen a great blog name.

Now you need somewhere to start typing and have most likely been recommended WordPress as the most popular blogging platform.

But wait, there’s TWO types of WordPress platforms, WTF?!

Don’t worry I’ll tell you the main differences so you can choose the right WordPress for you.



WordPress.com is the basic version. It’s easy to use, allows you to get your blog online but with limited options and no room for expansion.


  • It’s completely FREE to get started.
  • There are many awesome themes to choose from making web design extremely easy.
  • WordPress take care of any updates or back-ups.

With free products however, there’s a catch. Actually a few catches…


  • WordPress will own your data and can shut down your website if they deem anything to be against their regulations.
  • Your domain will look like this -yourblogname.wordpress.com- You can purchase a vanity domain which will change it to -yourblogname.com- removing the ‘WordPress’ wording, however it won’t change the fact WordPress still own your website data.
  • Very limited web design options, you can’t upload custom designed web themes.
  • No access to third party plugins which enhance your website and user experience massively.
  • You can’t monetise your website using ads etc.
  • No access to Google Analytics to track and analyse your website traffic and user behaviours. You do have access to the built in JetPack features but they provide limited information.

You can add some of these missing features in the ‘Cons‘ list if you pay for the WordPress.com premium packages. In my opinion however, they tend to be very expensive.

If you’re looking to create a little online journal, a place to note down your thoughts and read back at a later date for yourself and aren’t interested in monetisation, then it’s a viable option for you.



The .org version is just as easy to use, only it’s packed with feature rich add-ons ready for you to take your blog to the next level and actually any level beyond that also.


  • You have full control of your website and its data.
  • There is a plethora of web design options available via third party themes and plugins that you can upload.
  • Seemingly limitless options to enhance your website’s user experience.
  • You can enable Google Analytics to track traffic, user behaviour and a huge amount of other data about your website.
  • You’re able to run adverts and monetise your blog, including the use of woocommerce to sell products directly from your website/blog.


  • You need to buy your own domain (Website Name yourblogname.com).
  • You require web hosting. A self hosting package is needed to host your website and data.
  • Website back-ups and all updates are your responsibility although there are plugins that you can set up to stay on top of this.


If you’re looking to build a brand, monetise your blog and/or sell products then WordPress.org is the option you need.



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In summary, if you’re blogging for purely personal reasons and have no inclinations towards monetising your blog, then WordPress.com is for you. If you’re looking to monetise and get creative with your blog, then WordPress.org with a domain and self-hosting package is the route for you.

In my opinion I would always recommend WordPress.org from the off. It doesn’t have to be very expensive and the running costs can be very low and it’s well worth the money. AND if you click the link above you’ll get hosting even cheaper with our code DADVWORLD ๐Ÿ™‚


Good luck and please do feel free to ASK any questions if you’re struggling. Leave a comment below, or get in touch on social media @dadvworld

I’m continually creating as many posts in this Blag Your Blog section of the DadvWorld website as I can to help you understand, figure out and achieve your blogging goals. I’d love your feedback and/or further questions to help me create the content you need.


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